2019 was a success! News for 2020 coming up.


Friday September 27th

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Saturday September 28th

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BBQ Competitors Prizes 2019

Master Series

$5,000.00 in prize money

Grand - $1,000.00

Reserve - $600.00

Top 5 in each category- Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket

1st $400.00

2nd $250.00

3rd $100.00

4th $75.00

5th $25.00

Can you make a mouthwatering margarita?

We're  excited to be partnering with Cabo Wabo Tequila for our first Caborita competition. Any competitor who wishes to participate will receive a chance to win $250.00 for first place.

Teams will receive one bottle of Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequilla to use for their turn-ins. More details are in the registration forms.

Teams with the highest overall score in this ancillary category will receive an additional $500.00 at the end of the series.

Backyard Series

$1,200.00 in prize money

Grand - $300.00

Reserve - $200.00

Top 3 in each category - Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket

1st $75.00

2nd $50.00

3rd $25.00

Seafood $50.00

Desserts $50.00

Just Announced / 2019 Competing Teams


Master Series

502 BBQ


Anchor Up BBQ

Bar Beam Que

The BBQ Bus

Belly Buss BBQ

Blue Chip BBQ

Bourbon Que

Carol Lou's Smokehouse

Continental BBQ Co.

Farmer's Retreat Smokin' BBQ

High on the Hawg

Hogtown BBQ

Janky Leg BBQ

Pit Bull BBQ USA


Smokin' Ghost BBQ

Thunder Hog

Uncle Toads

We Q4U

We Will Rock 'Que

W. V. Loc-n-Loaded BBQ

Backyard Series

Big Brass Q

Biggin Smokey BBQ

Blue Madness BBQ

CB Ques

Dank Meats

Driveway Smokers

Getting Piggy With It

Great White Smoke

Off The Wall BBQ

Out of the pit BBQ

Q Pine

Smoking Causes Flavor

Smoking Performance

Swines of Anarchy

Kids Series

New Exciting Event!

Kid's Q BBQ Competition. Located in the Kid's Corner. Download forms for more details.

Caborita Series


Caborita Registration Fee

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

For Master Series Teams only.

New Albany Indiana BBQ Series

Backyard BBQ Competition 2018 Results


1st - Q Pine

2nd - Gettin' Piggy with It

3rd - Jim Beam Boston Butts


1st - Oink Oink Baby BBQ

2nd - Gettin' Piggy with It

3rd - Nut House BBQ


1st - Oink Oink Baby BBQ

2nd - Gettin' Piggy with It

3rd - Q Pine

2018 Competing Teams

Coxtales Brentworks & Smokehouse

Harley Chicks

Oink Oink BBQ

Po Boys BBQ

Gettin' Piggy with It

All About Smoke

CB Ques

Nut House BBQ

Q Pine

Off the Wall

Jim Beam Boston Butts

Rib Fest / Sponsored by Tuckers

What we're about



Smokin' hot, fresh served, electric wound, dirty gritty blues music. 



Frothy, fresh, home grown craft beer from Southern Indiana's finest microbrews. 



Kentuckiana's best BBQ artists, lined up and competing for your taste buds. Nothing better than a heaping platter of BBQ to go with tasty blues licks. 

Our Mission

Our Heritage

Our passion is to bring people together to share and experience America’s original music; blues, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Pair this with local BBQ and craft beer providers and you have a winning event.

Our Talent

Local and National acts experienced in these styles of music, along with Southern Indiana buisness, will be our featured talent.

Our Locals

We want to stress the importance that this will be a homegrown, grassroots event, locally owned and operated, where everyone is welcome to volunteer and attend.